'The Repulsive Abomination'
CD album
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The Repulsive Abomination is the new full-length album from Norwegian band MENTAL DISASTER, and is a heavy mix of groove-based Death Metal, punishing technical drumming, guttural vocals and traditional Death Metal themes. This is a great blend of what we term the ‘Scandinavian’ sound crossed with Deicide, Slayer and classic Morbid Angel.

Much like their local friends Blood Red Throne, MENTAL DISASTER are one of the few Norwegian bands playing this hard & heavy no-nonsense style, rather than giving into the corpse-paint trends of Black Metal. Coming from the highly active town of Kristiansand, it is also notable that Bernt Sorensen (guitars) also plays in fellow local band In The Woods, Jan Åge Lindeland (vox) & Bengt Orstad (bass) play in Blot, and David Olsen (drums) plays in Faanefjell.

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  01 The Repulsive Abomination
02 Disciples of Ignorance
03 High Priest of Doom
04 Bow to the Blade
05 Graveyard Symposium
06 Sword of Vengeance
07 Testify and Repent
08 Mauled Beyond Belief
09 Berserker Rage Unfold
10 Sapiens So Pure