ORCRYPT – ‘Mercenaries of Mordor’


A deliberately ultra low-fi and raw Black Metal debut from ORCRYPT, founded by from former OLD FOREST drummer ‘Grond’.  Inspired solely by the pre-Hollywood Lord of the Rings, and mastered via a c90 cassette.  7 tracks of raw-as-hell mid-paced Black Metal with 2 ambient keyboard tracks, this album evokes the debut albums of Burzum, Isengard and Summoning

ORCRYPT – Mercenaries of Mordor
Iron Pegasus Rec. 2015

1 Where The Shadows Lie
2 Spell Of The Balrog
3 Smaug The Destroyer
4 Beyond The Black Gates (Part One)
5 Witch King Of Angmar
6 The Mace Of Morgoth
7 Pure Goblin Black Metal
8 Beyond The Black Gates (Part Two)
9 Skuuls


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