OLD FOREST – ‘Tales of the Sussex Weald’


The 3rd album of British Black Metal band OLD FOREST started as a trilogy of long-sold out EPs following a 7 year hiatus.  Each song details a historic legend of the Sussex Weald (in south East England), which derived from the slow christianisation of one of the last pagan enclaves.  13 tracks and almost 70 minutes of epic Black Metal inspired by black metal of the 90s

OLD FOREST – Tales of the Sussex Weald
DTM Prod. 2011

1 At The Black Priory
2 The Lewes Martyrs
3 Friends Of Hekate
4 Long Pan Of Wilmington
5 Cocks Crowing At Poynings
6 The Devil’s Dyke
7 The Witch Of Ditchling
8 Chanctonbury Ring
9 Whitehawk Hill
10 The Bury
11 Rape Of Bramber
12 To Haunt The Old Forest (Clapham Woods Reprise)
13 Dead At Beachy Head (Live)


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