JALDABOATH – ‘The Further Adventures’


The second album of comical Medieval metal band JALDABOATH, this is an experiment in how low you can actually go.  Replete with more banal tales of battles & wenching, toilet humour, multiple double entendres and some TV theme tunes thrown in for good measure, this really is as daft as metal could be

JALDABOATH – The Further Adventures
DTM prod. 2014

1 Roland The Farter
2 Warrior Monks Of Whitehawk
3 The Bitch Of Chiselhurst Caves
4 Raise The Crummhorns
5 The Wailing Witch Of Moulsecoomb
6 Black Metal Beauty
7 Dex The Whispering Dwarf (Roland’s Reprise)
8 Father Pig
9 The J Team (Addendum Carmen)


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