Orcrypt is a new band formed by Gruul (Vocals & Synth), Illskan (Guitars) and Ugluk (Drums & Bass). According to the band, Orcrypt is the sound of the dark and damp dungeons of the deeps of Moria. We meet Gruul, who is going to answer our questions about the band and their newly released demo 'The Mirkwood Massacre'.

First of all, can you introduce Orcrypt to the listeners? What is the background of the members of the band?

Orcrypt is Illskan, Ugluk and me, Gruul. We hail from three different countries; England, Sweden and Spain. We also have our own respective projects. I had a solo band called Dragon's Eye, I only did a few tapes that I shared with people that I thought deserved to have them. Ugluk was a member of a few bands, though very underground, so don’t ask. Illskan has his own project also, but he isn't very talkative either, he is a bit mysterious even for us.

It is obvious that you get inspiration from books like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, why is that?

Yes, you are right, we have all grown reading Tolkien's works. His books are magic, the reader feels immersed into an amazingly rich universe, I personally loved spending evenings reading those books while trying to portray with my mind all those dark and fantastic passages. We always felt identified with the orcs and the dark armies of the Middle Earth, they are powerful and dark, pure mystic power. We feel that the feeling evoked by these books has a great Synergy with the true essence of Black Metal – early burzum is the best example – nobody else even came close. From the start, we decided to write music and lyrics inspired by the Middle Earth dark mythology.



Tell us about the choice of the name of your project – what does it mean ?

It means Crypt of the Orc. It sounds a cross between the cult zine of Faust (first and best Emperor drummer) and the sword Orcrist from Lord of the Rings. It is also the name of a software worm.

Why have you chosen DTM to release your debut demo 'The Mirkwood Massacre'?

We found out about Death To Music after downloading the Old Forest demos. When we read about the idea of DTM, we chose to release our demo through because we like their anti-commercial views on music. The very misanthropic philosophy of Black Metal is about giving the finger to the music industry and just follow your instinct, not signing to a major label and submitting to them like a coward lamb. The bands that have done this are shitty sell outs. As a result, they are not Black Metal, because they have betrayed what it stands for. We create our music for the few people who still understand what underground music is about and what Black Metal originally standed for, if people enjoy our music then it is good, but that's something secondary for us.

'The Mirkwood Massacre', it is a very unique release and it was originally released some time ago as a demo-tape limited to 30 hand-numbered copies each (there were 90), and we have sold all of these through our contacts some time ago. We never intended to release it again, but many true underground fans of Black Metal started to find out about the release through the internet, and some poor quality MP3s of the tape recordings started to circulate. We would rather that people get the recording from us, as the sound quality is intentionally not very hi-tech anyway.

What are your influences? Do you listen to any new BM bands?

Our influences are the orthodox of Black Metal ; the early works of bands like Burzum, Immortal, Satyricon, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc. Also, you can hear some influence from old Entombed and other seminal death metal bands who verged on the Black Metal sound. Sometimes I use to go to the woods while listening to some of those bands, it is something impossible to describe, you have to experience it, this is actually what Black Metal is all about. I personally don't like gigs or going to metal bars very much, social events are OK for some people, but Black Metal is more than that, it is about individuality and the strength to stand by yourself for what you believe. And to answer your second question; no, we don't listen to any new BM bands. I have heard that the new Burzum album is just around the corner, that's maybe the next thing I'm going to listen to, but I don't expect much.

What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from Orcrypt?

All true Black Metal fans can expect what they want to hear. We will write some more music at some point - as long as our dark souls drive us to do it. Hopefully we can bring this to you through DTM. Keep an ear out for the drums of war.

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