OLD FOREST surprised us recently - we thought they were in the middle of recording their final part for the Tales of the Sussex Weald trilogy.
As it turned out, they had also been putting together a small amount of cover versions of Black Metal classics
Kobold was a man of few words - but you can read previous interviews below..

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Are we ever going to see another part of the Tales of the Sussex Weald triology ?

Yes - we are half way through creating this final part to the trilogy.  We hope to have a release date of October 31st 2010.

Have you ever considered doing a split cd with another band?

We have been discussing this only recently.  We will hoepfully have something ready for a spilt release sometime next year.

You used a Euronymous image on the cover, what is your opinion about his death, and also everything that happened in norway in the early 90s?

We used this picture as it embodies all that Black Metal was, and could be again. If Euronymous had not of died, then perhaps Black Metal would not have become what it did.  But considering what Black Metal it has become since, perhaps that is a shame.  On a commercial level, Black Metal is totally stagnant and needs to be put out of it's misery.  It was never meant to be a commercial form of music.  That said, there is a healthy growth of new bands who have (like Old Forest) rejected the commercial side of Black Metal.  This is a good sign.

Do you think that there really is satanic activity in sussex? is it very active?

Yes, there are more than a few active groups and covens in Sussex. I know this for a fact.  However, I dont think this should be classed as what is classed as "satanic" (being the 20th century hollywood stage-show that is Levay's creation) . 
The groups active in Sussex are more pagan (not modern 'wicca') and true to the old country ways of the downs.  "Satan" is a christian invention - we are more concerned with what is known as Puck, Robin Goodfellow, The Green Man, Old Nick etc.  
The original film of The Wicker Man is a good example.

What other songs would you like to cover?

We have other songs that we play for our own amusement.  These early Black Metal songs.  This is the riven inspiration behind Old Forest.

You have guest vocals on one of the tracks ?

We asked 'Gruul' of Orcrypt to appear as a guest vocalist.  We acknowledge 'Orcrypt' as master's who embody the spirit of what is truly Black Metal.  Their demo 'The Mirkwood Massacre' is the finest example of real Black Metal that we have heard in quite some time (excluding Old Forest of course).

You recently released a video for an unreleased track- tell us about this ?

The band recieved a message through our myspace profile - someone who had recieved a promo of the album prior to it's planned release in 2000 had uploaded the track 'Psychoactive Satan' to youtube as a track for iDosing (a cyber-drug craze). The track had achieved a lot of listens, but we asked him to remove it (which he did). We then decided to create this video to accompany the piece an re-upload it.
It was an experimental track that was recorded in reaction to seeing 'Lucifer Rising' which is a short occult classic by kenneth Anger. I saw this at a small art-cinema who were running a series of occult films. I was so struck buy the film that I asked the rest of the band if they would permit me to create an experimental track for our album (which we were recording at the time). The track 'Psychoactive Satan' was the result.

We had forgotten about this track as it is from our un-released second album. We were informed that this would eventually be released over 2 years ago, but this still hasn't happened. In any case, Old Forest will not support the release of this album as things stand.

Any last words ?

Keep the black flame burning.

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