LENDFALL is a young four-piece Portuguese band from Oporto. They recently recorded their 'Ynot FacorY' EP, which they have been selling at gigs and through their local independent record stores. The music on the EP is a blend of mostly mid-to-late 90s metal, and gives a good example of what these Iberian teenage 'yoofs'
are doing with their project.A while ago, they asked Death To Music to spread this in digital form for free download. We aren't one to shun an offer, so here it is.






You guys are quite young - how long has the band been around and playing ?

Lendfall started in March 2010 but we all have been around playing in bands since we were 14.

Your music is a mix of many different sounds - what comes to mind is a lot of late 90s metal bands (Deftones, Korn, Coal Chamber etc). What kind of stuff do you like to listen to ? Is the same kind of stuff that influences you ?

- Each one of us is influenced by bands from completly different styles, and that's what causes that mix of sounds in our music. If we all listened to the same bands things would get boring and our songs would all sound the same. It's true that we all listen to those 90s bands like Deftones, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Tool, Ill Niño etc. However, we also listen to other music genres and other types of Metal. For example Ivo finds his inspiration in bands like Guns n' Roses, Trivium and Pantera; Levy in Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold and also A Perfect Circle; Shane in Iron Maiden and Stratovarious; Dyman in Limp Bizkit, Lamb Of God and Nine Inch Nails. We just try to be ourselves and create something new and unique. We live the music and this is our dream.

You are playing quite a few shows in Portugal - how is the live music scene over there ? Has it had a resurgence in recent years ?

-We just released our ep, so we are trying to play as much gigs as we can. Unfortunatly, things in portugal are quite difficult and it is hard for us to find a good place to play and even harder to find a good audience. However, we've had a good reaction in our shows, even though we only played two.

What kind of crowds do you normally play to ? What is the typical audience at a Lendfall gig ?

-Our music apeals to various kinds of audiences, from the tipical "metalhead" to rappers. In our shows we try to be as much energetic as we can and that's the kind of spirit that we like to see in our crouds.

What do you think of modern metal ? How about modern music in general ?

-Nowadays there's good and bad music, not only in metal but everywhere. There are a lot of good "underground" bands around in Portugal, yet, in our opinion, we don't see the true values, the talented and the good muscians going anywhere over here. Unfortunatly, the bands we see palying in major gigs, to be honest, almost all of them are shit. At least here they are. The modern metal scene is no exeption.

You also have a CD version of this release available to buy - where can people get it ?

-You can buy our cd in three different stores in Oporto: Lost Underground, Piranha and Train drop, and we are also selling our ep at the shows at a cheaper price. Nowadays people rarely buy cds so we try not to sell them at a very expensive price.

Have you written new material since this album was recorded ? What is your plan for it ?

-We have a few new ideas for songs, but right now we are more focused on playing gigs and promoting our music. After doing this, we will start thinking on new songs and even a new release with better quality. The rest, only future will tell.

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