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12 months ago
DEATH TO MUSIC Productions (anti record label) - F**K THE INDUSTRY - F**K THE INDUSTRY - F**K THE INDUSTRY - F**K THE INDUSTRY (ad infinitum)

Due to technical problems, was offline for a few weeks. however, it is now back up and running and you can place your orders now ;

1 year ago

Another track from Ewigkeit's 'Battle Furies 2.017' - CDs available exclusively ;

Here is another track from Battle Furies 2.017 - this is my personal favourite ;


1 year ago

Digital release today ! CD coming soon...

Today is the Digital release of 'Battle Furies 2.017' - the complete re-recording of the 1997 Black Metal debut ! Today you can STREAM & BUY from Bandcamp, followed by a multitude of other platforms ... See more

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