ASHES is the solo project of Abrecan. Before that it was the solo project of someone else, and had released some albums (read an interesting interview with the former member by clicking HERE ). This bizarre situation immediately led us to want to share it with you - Black Metal's very first franchise !
ASHES has carried on as a project and risen from it's own Ashes, and does what only a Black Metal phoenix can do ;
carry on creating raw, primitive and wholesome underground Black Metal...






Could you tell us about the past release from this project

Sure. There have been a total of four official releases from Ashes, all written and recorded by the founding member Davidian. The first three where released on CD via Supernal Music, the forth album, 'Runeworks', was released by the now defunct Wolfs Hook Records on pro CD-r.

Ashes is a solo project, but you are not the original member. Please can you explain this strange situation to us ?

Davidian got fed up with the scene in general. The lack of support and promotion from Supernal, other newer bands, who used Ashes as a main inluenence where getting a lot of attention, while Ashes was just getting overlooked... I think he'd had enough. Plus the passion wasn't there any more.
So, he approached me about continuing Ashes. He was proud of the bands accomplishments, but he himself didn't want to carry on, making sub par releases. So for a small fee I bought it off him. The name, the email address...I got to carry it on.

Do you think that your composition and recording style is faithful to Ashes 'mk. 1' ?

We both like the atmospheric, epic style of black metal, so yeah, I don't think it will stick out. My writing style leans towards longer songs, but in general, I think I carry on legacy well. Davidian heard it, and liked it, so what more can I do?

You have an intentional ultra murky and raw production - how is this achieved ?

Layers and layers of guitars, drenched in reverb. To me, Black Metal should be mysterious, it should sound ancient, like it was recorded on a cave.

What do you think of overtly commercial Black Metal ?

It's not for me. I don't have anything against it, but it's not my thing. They cease being Black Metal, and just become a pantomime joke. It doesn't work with when you make a certain type of music that shuns the limelight, and then constantly appear on magazine covers and make videos.

Have you had / do you have any other projects / musical entanglements ?

No, nothing

What is next for Ashes as a project ?

Well, now that Forest Psalms is out there it clears the way to start writing the next full length. Personally, it will be a big project, as I've never done anything like that before... But I'm hoping it will be as well received as the rest of the Ashes back catalogue.

What are your thoughts on artist-sanctioned download releases in metal ?

For the smaller bands and labels, I think it's a must. In any sort of independent music scene, it's hard enough to turn a profit - even more so in Black Metal. Labels have come and gone in the past few years because of illegal downloading - and I know a few of the larger one are suffering. I just want to make music and get it out there to the people who want it, without all this P2P bullshit, or chasing royalties. When you start making music to make money, you should stop.

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