ALCOHOLIC DISASTER -are a tight and no-nonsense old-school Death Thrash band from Poland. They also like to drink alcohol,
play thrashing death metal and quote perverse latin phrases.
Here are some short answers they gave inbetween their marathon alcohol binges...


Who is in Alcoholic disaster ? Please tell us (in litres) how much beer each member drinks each Friday evening ?

Alcoholic Disaster are bunch of junks that share addiction to METAL music. Band was founded by Chrosciel (guitars) & Cegla (drums)couple years ago (maybe 5?:D) in Elk town in Poland. During this time, many various musicans runned through the band, but they didn't stand the pressure & time...they left the band and returned to drinking. We like all sorts of drinks & spirits, we drink to the top!


What is Alcoholic Disaster all about ? Rock'n'Roll and getting drunk ?

Alcoholic Disaster music is about human psychology, behaviours, politics & social matters. We take our music & lyrics for real, the band itself is old'school thrash/death treated with alcoholic stain. We don't play to get drunk, we are drunk all the time!:P


What is your favourite alcohol ? Beer or Spirits ? Foreign or Polish ?

Favourite alcohol? Chrosciel likes wine (especially cheap & red) Cegla favours polish & american (grey goose) vodka, Tapper is good boy & will drink every shit that comes in to the glass (or comes out from glass :D)

What the longest time you have gone without drinking alcohol ?

How long? If we are currently sleeping we don't drink, when we awake, we drink:D


How do you manage to play gigs when you are so drunk that you cant stand up ?

How do we manage to play when we are stoned? It is simple...if we are sober we dont't play, only drunk we can use our instruments.:

What can we expect from Alcoholic Disaster in the future ?

Future? This summer we recorded fresh demo cd, currently we are working on the proffesional videoclip for KFC (Kill For Cash) & our live performance videos. We are trying to play as many gigs as we can. In next year we will record full album with 8 or 9 tracks. We are working hard to be better & better( 4 rehearsals per week) & we try to drink to the limits of human endurance:D:P

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